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Imagine waking up early in the morning, eating breakfast, driving to school, and taking standardized tests.  Fun, right?  Probably not.  Now imagine waking up whenever you wanted, doing whatever you wanted, messing around having some fun, and then playing cards to make a living.   Which one sounds better?

Imagine instead of wasting your time at a school that made you compete with other scholars who know how to read books and take tests but have no social life outside of school, you could hang out with friendly people and play some cards at a poker school!

Now quit imagining and realize that those days are now here!  Quit wasting your time playing poker unsuccessfully, start studying and learning from professionals that are eager to teach you, and begin making a living at it!

"Poker schools" are becoming more prevalent as poker becomes even more and more popular.  What used to be a simple game to beat is no longer so simple.  Even top ranking professionals outsource a significant amount of coaching to help push them over the top with new tips and tricks.

Take a few minutes to research some of the poker schools out there.  Websites such as BlueFire Poker allow for you to have teachers such as 2010 WSOP Main Event 7th place finisher Jason Senti and online poker legend Phil Galfond.  Poker training is coming around full force.  Now, how much better can this possibly get?