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Poker Tips
Tuesday, 23 November 2010
Poker Tips 101
Mood:  happy

Poker is a very complex game.  If you think poker today is the same as it was in the early 2000s you are sadly mistaken.  Are you looking to receive poker tips to help you fit it?  Need tips to advance your game to the next level?  The following are the beginner poker tips taken directly from Poker Tips HQ.  Use these tips to help you improve your game.



-Know the rules- There is nothing worse than thinking you won a hand only to realize you broke a rule.  Don’t joke around by saying “all in” and then say “just kidding.”  Verbal is generally binding in the game of poker.  You know be familiar with rules such as these before entering a game.

-Always play within your bankroll- You should always have between 10 full buyins (aggressively) to a maximum area of 30 full buyins (conservatively) for the level that you are playing.  If you are playing $0.50/$1.00 and a full buyin is $100.00, your poker bankroll should be between $1,000.00 and $3,000.00.

-Do not play drunk- If long-term success is your goal, playing while inhibited will destroy your game.

-Pay attention to everyone at the table- Figure out the good players, bad players, and how to exploit each person’s game.  There is a saying in poker, ‘If you are at a poker table and cannot figure out who the fish is, it’s you.”

-Fold more hands than you play- Work on your image at the poker table.  You cannot be a long-term winning player if you play 100% of the hands you are dealt.

-Have a clear mind when you play cards- You do not need thoughts racing through your mind that could potentially affect your play.

-Do not bluff just to bluff- Have a purpose when you play.  If you think you can win a pot by bluffing, then do it.  If you are bluffing someone just for fun, it will develop bad habits.

-Position is key- Take advantage of your position in the hand.  Earlier position you play tighter and fold more hands, later position you play a wider range of hands.  The “most powerful position” on the table is the dealer button.  You have the last action and therefore, have the best seat at the table in these hands.



If you are looking for intermediate, advanced, or any other tips, please pay Poker Tips HQ a visit!  Everyone is receiving poker training these days, do not get left behind.

Posted by r3m3b at 6:03 PM EST

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